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Painting People in Watercolor
Materials Lists
Class Supply List for Bobbie Crews Watercolor Workshop
1. Scarlet Lake (Windsor Newton-my primary red)
2. Yellow Ochre (my primary yellow)
3. Ultramarine Blue (my primary blue)
4. Brown Madder Alizarin (also use for my red)
5. Burnt Umber
6. Burnt Sienna

I like Naples Yellow for blond hair and I sometimes use Cad. Yellow for other things, but not often. I try to use a limited palette. The primaries are the most important. If you have other colors that you are comfortable with, bring them as well as the list above.

1. 140 lb. cold pressed watercolor paper at least 2 full size (22 x 30) sheets
2. Scrap watercolor paper to experiment on
3. Any other w/c paper you are used to using
1. Flats – ½ to ¾ inch, and other sizes if you have them
2. Rounds – Large, size 10 minimum
(different manufacturers vary in size labeling)
Medium and small ones for small details

Use good brushes that are made for w/c painting. They don’t have to be top of the line, but they do need to be resilient, hold their shape and have a little spring to them)

Other items
1. Support to put your paper on.
2. Large water container
3. Old terry hand towel
4. Tissues (no lotion)
5. Drawing pencils and good clean, white eraser
6. Snacks and drink to keep your energy up
7. Hair dryer if you have one handy